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Welcome to the official SRB2 Records tracker!

Records.SRB2.org is a centralized tracker where anyone can submit Record Attack replays and show off their skills. Even if you're not the best, you can still submit your replays and see how well you stack up compared to other members of the community!

To do:
Better support for older versions
Report system
Finish the index page
Finish the map list
Latest 10 replay submissions:
Map Submitter Replay Data
Submitted Score Time Ring DL
Greenflower 1SpringphantomMar 14 20191012000:19.7411DL
Greenflower 1SpringphantomMar 14 20191009000:12.178DL
Castle Eggman 3KitokoMar 4 2019112001:32.972DL
Arid Canyon 1R3FR4GMar 1 201987001:05.6535DL
Deep Sea 1R3FR4GMar 1 2019124000:55.0224DL
Greenflower 1LittleToonCatFeb 23 20191007000:15.687DL
Greenflower 1LittleToonCatFeb 23 20191015000:13.6511DL
Castle Eggman 2KitokoFeb 19 2019103001:39.9159DL
Deep Sea 2KitokoFeb 3 201979001:14.8527DL
Deep Sea 2R3FR4GFeb 2 201975001:16.6223DL
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